About School

YES English School is a prestigious institute of Yousuf Haji Educational Society, a registered body which was founded by a group of social workers, educationalists and pholanthropists. YES School is situated at Mattaya, a small and beautiful village near to pattambi in palakkad district. Amoung the various educational institution in the region, YES institution is distinguished for its commitment to the compined spiritual and materialistic educational system since its begining in 2007.

YES has been Uplifting the society by giving multi faceted Education to new generation in a scientific way. Each and every child has his/her own potentials.

Nowadays it is widely recognized that education should be for the over all development of the individual and it should enable them to dace the challengers of the fast changing competitive global scenario. We have to ensure that the education imparted to our children can make them a perfect human being irrespective of their professional attainment. Hence YES School seeks to impart a child centered, value based, life touching, skill development oriented education.

Our Vision

Striving to chisel the character of the young minds in a manner that they do get comprehensive insights to their own selves, their share of responsibility to the family, the society and the nation and an enlightening glance to the godly and worldly purpose behind life.

Our Mission

To facilitate the optimum flourish of the god given talents of the student community by providing incessant expoure to a variety of experience which will effectively refine their spiritual, social, cultural, congnitive, emotional and psycho-motor domains. To mould the personalities of the learners inculcting in them a sound sense of morality wich which will remain a torch for their realization of multi dimensional targets in life.

  • Our Highlights & Features
  • Stressless Education
  • Qualified and Efficient Faculties
  • Brain Gym for Brain Development
  • An English Speaking Campus
  • Digital Class Rooms
  • Friendly and Vast Campus with Discipline
  • Parenting Classes for Interactions
  • Enhances the Multiple Intelligence
  • Nature Walk
  • Quran Study (For Muslim Students)
  • Madrassa Education (For Muslim Students)
  • Individual Attention in Academic & Personal Matters
  • Comfortable Transport Facilities
  • Sports & Games for a Sound Mind in a Sound Body

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YES Kindergarder

Our Children are unique .....
and their learning process to be.
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YES Kindergarden
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School Motto

YES Imparts quality education based on the man values and morality

YES provides discipline in the pursulf of knowledge

YES inculates a sence of self esteem and quality and dignity in students and in their parents through curriculam and extra curriculam activities